Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waiting and Working

It is now the last day of October.  We are still waiting for our final paperwork to be approved by the Tanzanian government.  As much as we are eager to continue our work in Africa, we have much here that is keeping us very occupied.

We have finished the last of our nine speaking engagements in churches showing pictures and telling about the previous mission trips and our new adventure of moving to Tanzania to continue the Medical Missionary work with the Kibidula team.  We have also presented two private showings for family (in Michigan and Missouri.)  We enjoy sharing the stories, miracles, plans and pictures.  It is like "re-living it" all over again as we see the pictures and tell the stories.  It encourages me over and over again to remember all of the wonderful things that our loving Lord is doing.  He loves us so much and is working eagerly for the salvation of all that are willing to trust in His Sacrifice.  It is humbling to work for Him full-time in the mission field.  We are very blessed.

Our list of "things to get and to do" for our trip is getting smaller and smaller each day.  Of the remaining items, though, there are some big ones!  A few of these include the following:
  • purchase the tractor for Kibidula and get it delivered with implements
  • purchase a 20' shipping container - some have advised us to purchase it from the moving company that we use.  We have been told that some moving companies will not move a container that is not theirs.
  • repack all of our items that we are taking (we were planning on using many things at Mom's while we stay here and also we were in a big hurry to get moved, so everything has to be gone through again and packed for the long-haul.  We have been putting this off until we get the "new" storage building put together at Mom's so we can repack and inventory and move it only ONE MORE TIME (until we move it into the storage/moving container
  • inventory everything that we are shipping (I am not looking forward to this part)
  • Finalize a moving company - we are exploring options and until we have our boxes repacked and weighed, that makes a difference on the quotes we get. 
There are some other things also, such as getting some donated items from Arkansas, getting the solar equipment finalized and picked up, etc.  Many of the jobs have been contingent on others, so that keeps things going at a pace other than one might expect.  We have no complaints about it though.  As trying as it might be, I know that all of the trials are for our good.  They help us develop character, patience, endurance, and trust.

With the exception of some specific funds donated towards shipping, the language school and another specific project, all of the donated funds for our mission trips that we have received are spent.  We have used several thousand dollars of our personal funds (sale of the house and income.)  God is faithful!

 Doug has been doing the most of refreshing his Swahili.  I have not been studying but hope to start again soon.  I have been spending more time cooking (which I have wanted to do for several reasons.) I am also spending a little time each day working to tame Mom and Cliffs turkeys and chickens.  We have given several more of them names, and a large percent of them will come and eat out a of person's open hand now.  Many will even take a single sunflower seed as I hand it to them (not open handed.)   Two of the youngest can be petted while they eat, but I don't think they are very comfortable with that idea yet!  I am also "raising money" for our trip by selling some things online.

The weather has definitely turned colder.  Doug and I sleep in the camper just outside the house.  I think we have 6 or more blankets and flannel sheets.  We also use our stocking hats.  So far, so good.  Oh, and mom's ornery little dog actually let Doug pet it a couple of days ago.  I didn't think that would ever happen.  We are enjoying the beautiful fall days, and I often wonder what fall will look like in Africa!


  1. That's an amazing shot of Joshua...proud of him for holding still long enough to tame the turkeys!
    We are praying for you!

  2. We will keep you all in our prayers.
    Blessings, The Adams