Friday, December 9, 2011

Container, Tractor & Dad

The container was delivered Friday.  The tractor came Monday and we loaded it and the cutter.

We loaded most of the other stuff we are taking to Tanzania, Africa Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are now in Arkansas again to help with Dad returning home on Saturday.  Doug has to pick up a few more things for the mission station and a few things for us and then we will have the container finished.  We will not ship it until our visas are officially "issued."  They are approved but have not been issued.  God has allowed us extra time to be here for Dad as he is recovering from his accident.  I am so glad that we are here for him during this time.  Dad is really looking forward to having a massage therapist (Doug) full time in the house for a couple of weeks.  If the visa's are issued in the next few days, we plan to leave on the 27th of this month.  If they do not, it will be 2012 before we set foot back in Africa for the third time.  God knows where He wants us and when.  We will continue to rely on Him for His perfect guidance in all things.  We look forward to continuing to be tools in His hands in Africa (or anywhere in the world,) and we are content to be here, doing all that we can do in Him while we are still "home." 

It is quite strange not having a "home" anymore.  I hope the people that bought our property are blessed.  I am thankful that we have been able to spend more time with my family as we have waiting for things to finalize. 

We are so, so VERY blessed.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tractor Purchased and other shipping details

The tractor purchase is complete.  Now we are waiting for it to be delivered early next week (if all goes well.)

We have found a 20' container with sea worthy survey certificate and delivery and pick up options that will work for us.  I plan to send a check for that tomorrow.  We hope to have it delivered early next week.

We are waiting to hear back from several shipping companies for accurate quotes (one is in California, and the contact lady was sick today.)  She is to be updating our quote with our new options and specifics.  They have given us the most cost effective quote so far.  We have a request out for a few others, also.

Shipping the dry batteries and the wet batteries has become really complicated.  Our source for purchasing them needed to purchase an entire pallet and they are more expensive than wet ones, so there isn't much of a market for them.  We don't want a whole pallet of them.  Shipping wet ones is very complicated.  Doug has found two possibilities of purchasing good batteries for the solar system of the other missionary family and the one for the school located in Tanzania or Kenya.  We are hoping that this option will work out cost effectively and also good quality.  That is a prayer request, also. 

Things are starting to come together more and more.  We are making progress.  

I have not gotten word for our worker's permit being issued yet.  Plane ticket prices are at some of their highest rates until Christmas day.  Then they drop down into our budgeted range for them.  So right now, I am hoping that we will fly out either on December 26th, 27th or January 1st.  We won't purchase the tickets until we have the permit.  That time frame will give us the time to get the container packed and on it's way.  It will also allow us to spend some time with Dad.  We are hopeful to get him settled back into his home with his new methods of living with the results of the accident and also giving him some badly needed massages.  It will also allow us to purchase the tickets at the price that is within our budget for them.

So our current prayer requests are: for the workers permit to come in, for us to purchase the exact right tickets at the best low price, for us to get a great shipper with excellent price, for all of our paperwork to be correct for the shipment (especially this, ) for all of our items to fit in the 20' container VERY SECURELY.  The container will have to be tipped at a 45 degree angle to get it back on the road and this will be while FULLY loaded.