Great Websites

Here are a few websites that I HIGHLY recommend.  
Some of them help viewers to see what the Bible REALLY says about some topics on which many people have some varied opinions - but the BIBLE IS CLEAR.  It is nice to have good solid BIBLE based answers for such questions.  I invite you to take the time to check each one out for yourself, very prayerfully and knowing that God is not the author of confusion, but wants to make the truth very clear on these issues.  The BIBLE has the answers.  May God bless you as you seek His will in your life!

A very nice online Bible memorization program can be very challenging if you want it to be, or simple and paced at your own pace (MAKE SURE AND READ THE TERRITORIALS AND TAKE THE TOUR: (click the link to be referred by me!) - This is a great resource for Swahili readers on many subjects.  There are 65 books and articles in Kiswahili. Karibu sana. - Does a loving God burn sinners for endless ages?  What does the Bible REALLY say?  Satan wants us to believe a lie.  Please prayerfully read this study yourself. - Why do we keep God's  Sabbath and not follow the tradition of man?  What does the Bible say?  - What does the Bible say about what really happens to a person when they die?
- The Bible answer that we need to know to avoid DEADLY deceptions! - The mark of the Beast - Would God say "don't get it" and leave us to guess what it really is?  

Some additional websites you might find interesting regarding life in Kibidula:

Our director and his family's site: 
Our son's site: 
Doug (my husband's) blog:
Stories from our Front Lines Mission

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