Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farewell Gathering

Sunday our church family had a farewell get-together for us.  It was such a blessing.  There were at least fifty-five people there.  Many brought donations (gifts or funds) to help us with our mission trip.  I was so overwhelmed by God’s blessings given to us through our dear friends that I just cried.  I am getting rather teary just typing this up as I think about it. We had a hay ride when the sun went down and sang hymns and scripture songs while we rode.  It was a beautiful full moon evening.

When we returned we had a big bonfire.  I will cherish the memories of my friends and this special event.  I am overwhelmed at God’s love and provision to us, and I am so thankful for the people through whom He reveals much of this love and provision. 

Doug and I spent time Monday and Tuesday putting the funds from the sale of the house and some donations to work.  It will be great when we have our entire shopping list complete.  We have most of it ordered and have just a few more things to find and purchase (of which can be purchased now.)  There are several things that must be purchased later (like plane tickets.)

The search for a shipping container and a shipping company is still a big focus.  We are asking for suggestions and help.  Almost all suggestions to this point have come back empty.  I have sent emails, made phone calls.  People promise to call me back or email me, and then nothing happens.  Some of the let me know that they cannot help.  This just means we haven’t found the “right one.”  God’s timing is PERFECT!  I trust Him and will keep praying and working at it until it works out.  There is at least one other person looking into it for us, also.

We only have one more mission report left on our schedule.  That is this weekend.  Then we will be going to Michigan to visit with Doug’s family.   

We still have quite a few items on Mom’s to-do list that we would like to get done for her before we leave also. 

God is so faithful and wonderful.  I am amazed at His love and provision.  He has given us so many blessing in so many ways lately.  He brings people into our path just when we need it (like when we get to the church and the doors have been re-keyed and many other times!)

He is so wonderful!  I cannot praise Him enough.