Friday, December 9, 2011

Container, Tractor & Dad

The container was delivered Friday.  The tractor came Monday and we loaded it and the cutter.

We loaded most of the other stuff we are taking to Tanzania, Africa Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are now in Arkansas again to help with Dad returning home on Saturday.  Doug has to pick up a few more things for the mission station and a few things for us and then we will have the container finished.  We will not ship it until our visas are officially "issued."  They are approved but have not been issued.  God has allowed us extra time to be here for Dad as he is recovering from his accident.  I am so glad that we are here for him during this time.  Dad is really looking forward to having a massage therapist (Doug) full time in the house for a couple of weeks.  If the visa's are issued in the next few days, we plan to leave on the 27th of this month.  If they do not, it will be 2012 before we set foot back in Africa for the third time.  God knows where He wants us and when.  We will continue to rely on Him for His perfect guidance in all things.  We look forward to continuing to be tools in His hands in Africa (or anywhere in the world,) and we are content to be here, doing all that we can do in Him while we are still "home." 

It is quite strange not having a "home" anymore.  I hope the people that bought our property are blessed.  I am thankful that we have been able to spend more time with my family as we have waiting for things to finalize. 

We are so, so VERY blessed.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tractor Purchased and other shipping details

The tractor purchase is complete.  Now we are waiting for it to be delivered early next week (if all goes well.)

We have found a 20' container with sea worthy survey certificate and delivery and pick up options that will work for us.  I plan to send a check for that tomorrow.  We hope to have it delivered early next week.

We are waiting to hear back from several shipping companies for accurate quotes (one is in California, and the contact lady was sick today.)  She is to be updating our quote with our new options and specifics.  They have given us the most cost effective quote so far.  We have a request out for a few others, also.

Shipping the dry batteries and the wet batteries has become really complicated.  Our source for purchasing them needed to purchase an entire pallet and they are more expensive than wet ones, so there isn't much of a market for them.  We don't want a whole pallet of them.  Shipping wet ones is very complicated.  Doug has found two possibilities of purchasing good batteries for the solar system of the other missionary family and the one for the school located in Tanzania or Kenya.  We are hoping that this option will work out cost effectively and also good quality.  That is a prayer request, also. 

Things are starting to come together more and more.  We are making progress.  

I have not gotten word for our worker's permit being issued yet.  Plane ticket prices are at some of their highest rates until Christmas day.  Then they drop down into our budgeted range for them.  So right now, I am hoping that we will fly out either on December 26th, 27th or January 1st.  We won't purchase the tickets until we have the permit.  That time frame will give us the time to get the container packed and on it's way.  It will also allow us to spend some time with Dad.  We are hopeful to get him settled back into his home with his new methods of living with the results of the accident and also giving him some badly needed massages.  It will also allow us to purchase the tickets at the price that is within our budget for them.

So our current prayer requests are: for the workers permit to come in, for us to purchase the exact right tickets at the best low price, for us to get a great shipper with excellent price, for all of our paperwork to be correct for the shipment (especially this, ) for all of our items to fit in the 20' container VERY SECURELY.  The container will have to be tipped at a 45 degree angle to get it back on the road and this will be while FULLY loaded. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tamara's dad had a terrible wreck

November 7, 2011 our lives took a very shocking detour for two weeks, and even longer for Troy, Tamara's dad.  Just the night before we got a call that Doug's father was in the hospital expecting surgery and had been in the ER 4 times that week.  Tamara's father had run his big Isuzu carpet cleaning truck into a billboard pole at a high rate of speed after blacking out while driving back from a job in NW Arkansas.
Troy spent 8 days in critical condition in the ICU unit in St. John's Hospital in Springfield, MO.  He then spent the next 5 days in a normal hospital room, and Friday the 18th, late in the day he was transferred to Health South Rehab Hospital in Fayetteville, AR.  He broke two bones in his right leg, badly sprained his left knee, broke his pelvis, many ribs, his sternum, his mandible, lost all his lower teeth except the back two on each side, has some nasty lacerations on his chin, and multiple abrasions.  He bruised his lungs, had a collapsed lung, chest tube, was on the respirator 7 days and many other things.  So our lives and preparing to for our mission trip were in a bit of turmoil.  Tamara stayed with him in Springfield and also went down with him to Fayetteville, and just returned home yesterday night.  It was a long 13 days, but God has answered prayer after prayer after prayer!  Troy's recovery has been miraculous.  His survival has been miraculous.  He is still in a lot of pain, but he is healing quickly.  They had him in a wheelchair and doing arm strengthening exercises before Tamara left him in Fayetteville.

It was incredibly hard for Tamara to say good-bye to her father after spending so much time being there for him.  She does not regret one second of taking the time to be there and support him and the family.  It has been a faith building experience for many.  Looking back, we have SO MUCH to thank God for!

We expect our Visas to come in soon.  We have much to do yet and appreciate everyone's prayers.

Still packing, weighing and inventorying.  Looking for a shipper and container.

I did update the blog with a donation page.

One pastor told me that I need to let people know that the $10 a month club is as important as the $100 a month club.  So there is my announcement!

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.

On another note, Tamara's Mom's animals (chickens, turkeys, dogs and cats) are glad to have Tamara home to love on them again.  One of the young chickens actually flew up into her lap to be petted and fed today. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waiting and Working

It is now the last day of October.  We are still waiting for our final paperwork to be approved by the Tanzanian government.  As much as we are eager to continue our work in Africa, we have much here that is keeping us very occupied.

We have finished the last of our nine speaking engagements in churches showing pictures and telling about the previous mission trips and our new adventure of moving to Tanzania to continue the Medical Missionary work with the Kibidula team.  We have also presented two private showings for family (in Michigan and Missouri.)  We enjoy sharing the stories, miracles, plans and pictures.  It is like "re-living it" all over again as we see the pictures and tell the stories.  It encourages me over and over again to remember all of the wonderful things that our loving Lord is doing.  He loves us so much and is working eagerly for the salvation of all that are willing to trust in His Sacrifice.  It is humbling to work for Him full-time in the mission field.  We are very blessed.

Our list of "things to get and to do" for our trip is getting smaller and smaller each day.  Of the remaining items, though, there are some big ones!  A few of these include the following:
  • purchase the tractor for Kibidula and get it delivered with implements
  • purchase a 20' shipping container - some have advised us to purchase it from the moving company that we use.  We have been told that some moving companies will not move a container that is not theirs.
  • repack all of our items that we are taking (we were planning on using many things at Mom's while we stay here and also we were in a big hurry to get moved, so everything has to be gone through again and packed for the long-haul.  We have been putting this off until we get the "new" storage building put together at Mom's so we can repack and inventory and move it only ONE MORE TIME (until we move it into the storage/moving container
  • inventory everything that we are shipping (I am not looking forward to this part)
  • Finalize a moving company - we are exploring options and until we have our boxes repacked and weighed, that makes a difference on the quotes we get. 
There are some other things also, such as getting some donated items from Arkansas, getting the solar equipment finalized and picked up, etc.  Many of the jobs have been contingent on others, so that keeps things going at a pace other than one might expect.  We have no complaints about it though.  As trying as it might be, I know that all of the trials are for our good.  They help us develop character, patience, endurance, and trust.

With the exception of some specific funds donated towards shipping, the language school and another specific project, all of the donated funds for our mission trips that we have received are spent.  We have used several thousand dollars of our personal funds (sale of the house and income.)  God is faithful!

 Doug has been doing the most of refreshing his Swahili.  I have not been studying but hope to start again soon.  I have been spending more time cooking (which I have wanted to do for several reasons.) I am also spending a little time each day working to tame Mom and Cliffs turkeys and chickens.  We have given several more of them names, and a large percent of them will come and eat out a of person's open hand now.  Many will even take a single sunflower seed as I hand it to them (not open handed.)   Two of the youngest can be petted while they eat, but I don't think they are very comfortable with that idea yet!  I am also "raising money" for our trip by selling some things online.

The weather has definitely turned colder.  Doug and I sleep in the camper just outside the house.  I think we have 6 or more blankets and flannel sheets.  We also use our stocking hats.  So far, so good.  Oh, and mom's ornery little dog actually let Doug pet it a couple of days ago.  I didn't think that would ever happen.  We are enjoying the beautiful fall days, and I often wonder what fall will look like in Africa!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farewell Gathering

Sunday our church family had a farewell get-together for us.  It was such a blessing.  There were at least fifty-five people there.  Many brought donations (gifts or funds) to help us with our mission trip.  I was so overwhelmed by God’s blessings given to us through our dear friends that I just cried.  I am getting rather teary just typing this up as I think about it. We had a hay ride when the sun went down and sang hymns and scripture songs while we rode.  It was a beautiful full moon evening.

When we returned we had a big bonfire.  I will cherish the memories of my friends and this special event.  I am overwhelmed at God’s love and provision to us, and I am so thankful for the people through whom He reveals much of this love and provision. 

Doug and I spent time Monday and Tuesday putting the funds from the sale of the house and some donations to work.  It will be great when we have our entire shopping list complete.  We have most of it ordered and have just a few more things to find and purchase (of which can be purchased now.)  There are several things that must be purchased later (like plane tickets.)

The search for a shipping container and a shipping company is still a big focus.  We are asking for suggestions and help.  Almost all suggestions to this point have come back empty.  I have sent emails, made phone calls.  People promise to call me back or email me, and then nothing happens.  Some of the let me know that they cannot help.  This just means we haven’t found the “right one.”  God’s timing is PERFECT!  I trust Him and will keep praying and working at it until it works out.  There is at least one other person looking into it for us, also.

We only have one more mission report left on our schedule.  That is this weekend.  Then we will be going to Michigan to visit with Doug’s family.   

We still have quite a few items on Mom’s to-do list that we would like to get done for her before we leave also. 

God is so faithful and wonderful.  I am amazed at His love and provision.  He has given us so many blessing in so many ways lately.  He brings people into our path just when we need it (like when we get to the church and the doors have been re-keyed and many other times!)

He is so wonderful!  I cannot praise Him enough.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moved to Mom's and "gift registry"

Doug will be bringing a few last items from the house tomorrow and we will be finished moving from the property.   We plan to stay at Tamara's mom's until we fly out to Africa.  We are still waiting for the final visa from Tanzania.  We have lots to do, yet.

Our next big item will be to get a shipping container, I believe.  We hope to go back through everything that we brought to Mom's and have another moving sale.  There were some things that we wanted to use until we moved that can now be sold, and there seems to be a bit too much stuff yet, also.

Per request from a friend, I have set up a registry for items that we are planning to get for our mission trip.  This should allow for people to "check off" anything they plan to donate to or purchase for the trip.

I will be updating my previous post that had the items listed on it to direct people to this registry.  I HOPE IT WORKS!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking for a Shipping Container

We are getting very close to having enough funds to purchase a shipping container if we can find a good one (with sea-worthy certificate) at a discounted price. 

We need wisdom, direction and help. 

We were planning to take a 20' but some have advised that it isn't much more to ship a 40' (sometimes.)
There is a great need of many things in Tanzania (especially clothes for children.)  We would like to fill all the remaining space on the container with clothes and other needed things for Africa after we load the donated tractor for Kibidula and implements, and or items. 

If anyone knows of a good 40' container that we could get at a missionary discount, please let us know!  Please join us in prayer that we can get this and work out the detains of getting is shipped at a good price.  God is able to provide wonderfully, and He does over and over again. 

The director of Kibidula has a blog:
You can read of some of the needs in some recent posts.  It is heart breaking to see children cold and without proper clothes. 

Today is the BIG moving day from our house to my mom's.  We plan to stay at her house until we get the final paperwork to move to Tanzania.  There are many projects we hope to help her and my step-father with while we are there.  We also have the speaking engagements every weekend through October 15th. 

Thank you for prayers!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Donations correction & email updates

If you want to be updated when we send out newsletters regarding our mission trip and experience, click on the following link:  
Sign up for our email update newsletters!


Please contact us directly if you would like to donate any specific items as listed in the previous post.

For Financial donations and to receive a tax-deductible receipt make the check out to and send to:
Send to:
Next Step Seventh Day Adventist Church
811 Amyx Ave
West Plains, MO 65775-3703

VERY IMPORTANT ! ! !  Please put in the memo line:
"Schoch Mission"
PLEASE write checks neatly with the correct information in the memo line and your clear contact information so it will be credited to the correct account. 

We appreciate all the support and encouragement more than we can express.  Mailing a "thank you" from Tanzania is quite costly, so please contact us via email so we can say thank you and keep you updated. 

Thank you to all that are PRAYING for us.  Those prayers are answered over and over.  They are more precious than anything we can ask for. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buyers for the House

Friday, August 19, 2011 a family came and they want to purchase the house. We are so thankful that they love it. We have been praying that this would be the answer to some one's prayers.  We had only been home 3 weeks from our last mission trip and God has brought us a buyer. He is so wonderful.

Some of the staff at Kibidula also suggested that we find some churches and/or people to help sponsor Kibidula, the project, and/or us.

We appreciate any and every prayer for wisdom, direction, safety and provision for this project.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The end and the beginning

We are working diligently to sort through what should be left behind (sold) and what would be beneficial in Tanzania (take.)

We have people coming to look at the property tomorrow. If they buy it, then we will continue in fast gear to get things ready for the move.

Willow Springs, Missouri (USA) Our home last summer.

We are waiting for the Tanzanian government to finalize our workers permit. As soon as we have the word on that, we will be able to purchase our plane tickets and return to Africa to work as full-time missionaries at Kibidula.

We have scheduled our last work days in West Plains and Willow Springs. We are wrapping things up as quickly as possible. This is the end of our time here in the Ozarks of Missouri, but it is the beginning of our work full-time in Africa for our Lord.

We have enjoyed our two previous mission trips. They were challenging, but they were very rewarding. We feel drawn to this work. There have been so many things preparing us for this move. We eagerly look forward to being back in Africa.
Kibidula landscape, Mafinga, Tanzania, Africa June 2011

Things have been challenging in our preparation to leave. There have been many details that have not gone as planned. Some of them are quite serious others, are just disappointments. We certainly appreciate any and all prayers that are offered in our behalf.