Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moved to Mom's and "gift registry"

Doug will be bringing a few last items from the house tomorrow and we will be finished moving from the property.   We plan to stay at Tamara's mom's until we fly out to Africa.  We are still waiting for the final visa from Tanzania.  We have lots to do, yet.

Our next big item will be to get a shipping container, I believe.  We hope to go back through everything that we brought to Mom's and have another moving sale.  There were some things that we wanted to use until we moved that can now be sold, and there seems to be a bit too much stuff yet, also.

Per request from a friend, I have set up a registry for items that we are planning to get for our mission trip.  This should allow for people to "check off" anything they plan to donate to or purchase for the trip.

I will be updating my previous post that had the items listed on it to direct people to this registry.  I HOPE IT WORKS!

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