Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking for a Shipping Container

We are getting very close to having enough funds to purchase a shipping container if we can find a good one (with sea-worthy certificate) at a discounted price. 

We need wisdom, direction and help. 

We were planning to take a 20' but some have advised that it isn't much more to ship a 40' (sometimes.)
There is a great need of many things in Tanzania (especially clothes for children.)  We would like to fill all the remaining space on the container with clothes and other needed things for Africa after we load the donated tractor for Kibidula and implements, and or items. 

If anyone knows of a good 40' container that we could get at a missionary discount, please let us know!  Please join us in prayer that we can get this and work out the detains of getting is shipped at a good price.  God is able to provide wonderfully, and He does over and over again. 

The director of Kibidula has a blog:  www.kibidulapilot.blogspot.com
You can read of some of the needs in some recent posts.  It is heart breaking to see children cold and without proper clothes. 

Today is the BIG moving day from our house to my mom's.  We plan to stay at her house until we get the final paperwork to move to Tanzania.  There are many projects we hope to help her and my step-father with while we are there.  We also have the speaking engagements every weekend through October 15th. 

Thank you for prayers!

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