Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not my best pictures

I have so many pictures that I have taken since we started living in Africa.  I am so happy when I am blessed with a really good shot.  But then there are those shots that aren't quite what I expected.  Even though they are not the expected, some of them are a little entertaining.  I thought SOMEONE out there might enjoy seeing them.  Maybe you will get a giggle out of one of them.

Gab, gab, gab....  You won't believe Ethel what I saw the neighbor doing!

I just washed my ears and can't do anything with them.

Please no more pictures!

Sigh, they are still taking pictures.
Ignore them.  Don't look at them.  They will go away.

Boing, boing, boing....

Tail and trunk up, ears forward


No comment needed.  I love this picture.

Monday, March 2, 2015


It wasn't just the local village children and adults that got excited at the word that some airplanes would be flying in and out of the Kibidula airstrip.  Our family was pretty excited about it, also.  Even a little rain couldn't keeps us all away.  We enjoyed watching the skyline looking for a little dot to become bigger and bigger.  Soon we hear and see a plane then a second one.  Kibidula had guests for a short time.  Our excitement couldn't be quenched even by the rain.  We had so much fun listening for the planes and watching them take off and land.  It was a nice thrill.

Tanzanian Equivalents ???

Bicycle store and repair
I was thinking the other day when we visited Iringa of what we have in Tanzania, and what they would compare to in the United States.  Hmm...  Maybe...
Home Depot?
Farmers Market?

Jiffy Lube?


Hobby Lobby?


Barnes and Nobles?


Biggest Little Kitchen Store?

Ace Hardware?
Morning commute rush hour traffic

Pay Less Shoe Store?

Rooms to Go Furniture Store?