Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tanga trip and back in Dar es Salaam.

Our trip to Tanga was very blessed.  If I hadn’t gotten a terrible headache, it might have been perfect!  To our delight the bus that took us to Tanga and the one returning did not play loud music or disturbing videos.  It was a nice quiet ride both coming and going.  That was a nice change.  We were promptly picked up by our receiving agent and ushered through many steps and offices.  Copies of paperwork and passports were made, then to their office, then to the tax office there in Tanga.  The main person was out for lunch, so then to lunch for us also.  Then back to the tax office where we made a new friend.  More details on that situation will come after the container arrives to see how that all works out.   Then back to the receiving agent’s office, then to the shipping lines office where the receiving agent got ‘tough” with them and the container was rescheduled to a faster ship.  Then back to the receiving agent’s office to finish the changes on some paperwork that the tax agent requested.  Our agent then found us a nice clean, cheap room that had A/C!  With the humidity of Tanga, it was a treat!

The next morning we returned to Dar es Salaam.  Since we are already in this area, we have made arrangements to do some training with a local doctor/teacher starting tomorrow.   
The doctor helped us find a room close to his clinic at a reasonable price (about ½ of what we were paying in downtown Dar.  So we have many, many praises.

Now, if all goes as expected, the container is suppose to get to port between Tuesday and Thursday of this week.  If things go REALLY well, it could make it to Kibidula within two weeks of that time.  I am trying not to fantasize too much about getting all my stuff that will make living in Africa easier. 

Now if it were just quiet at night here in our new room, or we could sleep through all the noises – we would be set!  It will make going back to Kibidula that much sweeter, I guess.  There are at least seven “watch dogs” that patrol this area.  Then there are lots of people sounds and the local pub just down the street.  We don’t have glass in any of our windows, so it is almost like we are outside ourselves as far as noises go.  God is answering many, many prayers.

Now I just pray that nothing in the container is broken, damaged or stolen and that we can clear it and get it transported for a very reasonable price safely. 

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