Monday, July 23, 2012

Address change for donations, and warning about sending packages

Dear wonderful friends and supporters.
I had an email from a friend that said that a check sent to the West Plains Church came back with a change of address notice.  I contacted the church.  The church is meeting in their new location, BUT they are UNABLE to receive mail there yet.  Even though they have not requested the change of address, the post office did some changing of their own. 
I have been asked to spread the word that funds can still be sent, still made out to the church, but send them to this address.  They will get processed quicker this way (and the only way right now!)
Thank you so much for understanding.  I have also updated the donation page with this information.
Donna Bridges
517 C.R. 8500
West Plains, Mo. 65775

On another note, some people have mentioned the possibility to sending a care package to us here in Tanzania Africa.  We have been highly advised against encouraging that because of several reasons.  This is from the experience of some of the other families that have lived here for many years.
  1. Sometimes the package simply will "disappear."
  2. Sometimes some of the contents "disappear."
  3. Most of the time (almost always) the package will be opened up in Dar es Salaam, inspected and the postal service will decide that the RECEIVER will have to pay duty based on whatever they say.  The payment must be made before you know what is in the package or even who it is from.  One family had to pay over $100 US for a package and the contents were not even of that value.  It should not have been taxed.  When they disputed the issue at the local tax office, they said - we made a mistake - BUT THEY WOULD NOT REFUND THE MONEY.
So based on these two issues, we have decided it is best if we can try to live within our situation best as possible.  THANK YOU for everyone that wanted to send something.  It is so kind of you! 

Thank you for the continued prayers and support.  God is doing some wonderful things here!  We have been really busy, so posting hasn't been the priority.  I will try to get caught up again next week.  Doug and I are BOTH teaching every day this week along with some other activities! 

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