Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kigoma/Kibigwa Photos

These go along with the two previous posts (since I am in Michigan at the moment with high-speed internet - today is the day to upload!)
Always a cow wondering around

The village houses are so different from region to region.  I was surprised at the flatness of the roofs here.

A different mud hut with grass room under some mango trees on our way to (or from) Kigoma area

There is always a chicken around, even on the bus. 

How to travel a chicken. 

The cows would be herded down past where we were doing the heath outreach each day.  One had HUGE horns!

While the bus brake lines were being repaired a herd of sheep passed by.  We drew a crowd of people too.

Cracked windshield, no problem.  Just use tape and make a vine design on it. (The choir bus we rode back.)

Chickens and goats abound, as does rubbish at times.  This is in Kigoma by Lake Tanganyika.

Nice short coconut variety

Lake Tanganyika

Ladies and others hauling water from Lake Tanganyika back to where they need it.

Another fascinating mud structure

Water being hauled without hands even, and drying racks for the small fish found in Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika

No close line - no problem.  Dry your things wherever

Morning activities along Lake Tanganyika

The road that passes the church and health outreach site looking downhill

Looking up hill - This is part of the path we rode on the back of the motorcycles (me with a bruised tailbone.)

One of those baby goats that we often hear in the background somewhere.

And there are always the children that gather around, especially Joshua.

A view from the outreach location in Kibigwa - Always dust and smoke making visibility limited.

Burundi is just over the second hill I think, so you can see it from here.

The ladies' outhouse at the site/church.  Squat style outhouse.  Watch your step.

Hauling firewood

Lots of chickens and baby chicks.  All the way in the back you can see the bases of some HUGE banana plants.

Doug on his motorcycle taxi, and Joshua and I are on this one behind the driver.  Zipping down the loose dirt road

This area close to Kibigwa is covered in massive banana plants.  They are so pretty.

More locals waiting to have health tests, learn about health and to see the doctor for counseling.

People waiting to go through our health outreach.  Aren't the colors magnificent! 

This picture doesn't do justice, but after being so sick I was blue a couple of days!  Yikes!

This is just after we finished our third bus ride coming to the Kigoma area.  That is not suntan that is DIRT from the bus ride.  My feet were clean at the beginning of the day!

Our bags got a bit dirty also.

Doug with his Tanzanian hair cut (does he look a bit like a Africa Doug Batchelor or is it just me?)

From the inside of the choir bus.

No Toy 'r US.  No problem.  Make a toy car yourself.

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