Wednesday, October 16, 2013

USA Trip pictures

Our free layover hotel room.  WOW.  It was nice.  Doha, Qatar

Doug's little sister and family (Brenda, Keith and their son's Ross and Kyle)

Doug's parents and siblings all together for the first time in 11 years, Michigan.

Doug helping my dad out with a little project in Arkansas.

My big brother, me and my dad.  It is so good to see Dad up and around after his bad wreck in 2011!
Time with Mom and Cliff in Missouri.  We had a great visit.
Playing music with the Tafts and Norwoods in Summersville, MO.  WONDERFUL TIME!

The Middlton Church's "Church House" that we stayed in and also had service.  WOW.  What a house!

Fletcher and Rita took us to the FREE ZOO!

At the zoo, trying to get Fletcher to come out of his shell in the kiddie park.

Joshua (Fletcher and Rita, too) enjoying a spin at the Zoo.

Zoo, Madison, WI

The view from our hike by Devil's Lake, WI.  The fall colors were wonderful.

Devil's Lake, WI with Fletcher
After I can get some pictures off Doug's new phone and tablet, I will post some more pictures.  These were taken the old fashion way - you know, with a camera.  So I hope to get a few more pictures added when I get that figured out.  Maybe in a few minutes - or I could take a nap.  I am sitting in the Doha Airport taking advantage of high-speed internet (free.)  :)

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