Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Zimbabwe Orphanage Project

It was a great blessing to get to tour the orphanage the day I was leaving Zimbabwe.  It is amazing the work God is doing through these dedicated people.  The orphanage is run by a retired doctor and his wife.  His brother-in-law (which we know his children in the US (Fishers!) is also helping there.  The children seem so content and with a purpose.  Every child from infant to young adult was wonderful to meet.  They were so pleasant. 
We took the tour with the doctor (85 years old.)  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are too young or too old to work for Jesus and share His love with others.  Some of the children are orphans as result of AIDS.  One tiny boy was found his first day of life in a toilet in the train. 
The doctor told us that when the neighbors cleared out the trees behind the orphanage, the monkeys came through their property.  He saw one particular mother monkey carrying her dead baby monkey as she escaped the area.  He said, "How can a monkey show such compassion to her dead baby, and people..... people throw living children away?"  It was so sad.  He has such amazing compassion for these young people. 

Very well behaved children doing some extra studies in the open-air

One of the buildings

They all have such hard starts in life. 

Our tour with Dr. Farag

One of the classrooms

Little ones ready for lunch

The youngest sleep here

Aren't they precious?  I am so glad they have a home.

Peacefully sleeping

This room is for the ones that are a bit bigger

I missed the smile, but there was one.

Setting up a donated printing press

Welding by Mr. Fisher (from Oklahoma!)

Do you see his joy?

They need volunteers.  If you know anyone that is interested in doing some volunteer work in an orphanage (where they speak English) please contact them.

Here are a few pictures of their lovely place.  It is the dry season.  They said it is just beautiful in the rainy season.  I can only imagine.  They have worked very hard to make this place a blessing to very many babies and children.  God has worked miracles.

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