Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catching up on the news

Oh, it has been so long since I blogged, it took me a while to figure out how to do it again.
So I am looking through my pictures to remind me of some of the events over the last few months.

I apologize for those who like to read these posts.  We have been very busy, and I haven't made the time to keep you informed.  Please forgive me.

A lot has happened over the last many months.

Randy and Fletcher came and put the together the Zenair 801.  It was such an exciting day that we saw it take off for the test flight and return back safely!
Fletcher, Jason, Randy and the 801
First flight

 Then just after this, in November, we had four young men come to help us out.  It was a special treat for us because they are young men that we know from when we lived in Missouri.  The Tafts and Banges helped us personally and as a mission station with MANY, MANY projects.  We have just had more to do than we have time or manpower.  These young men jumped in and helped us get many projects moving forward.  We really appreciate their willingness and sacrifice to come be a blessing to so many and especially us!

Finally getting the muffler fixed - THANK YOU!

Cutting down some really tall trees that were dangerously close to structures.

Unloading One-Day Churches and books

Helping out wherever needed.

The last load of sheep was sold before the end of 2015.

I started the year out in an unexpected way.  I came down with typhoid fever.    Because of a very quick and long driving trip to Dar es Salaam to get some paperwork moving the right direction, I didn't get enough sleep on the trip, and I got VERY SICK.  I was out of commission for several days.  I finally had to go get tested as my fevers were very high and I didn't want to eat.  God helped me get well!  A few others on campus also came down with it.  We aren't sure what the source was.

Doug and I taught the medical missionary session in January (I did until I got so sick).  We had a very large class. 

It seems like I have been back and forth to Dar es Salaam many times and also on other trips since getting involved with the publishing work.  On the way back from one trip, we saw something unusual.
Camels by the side of the road. 

At the beginning of February we had to "put down" our beloved Lassie.  He was the best guard dog, and super family pet.  He had developed cancerous tumors all over and had a huge painful swelling on his shoulder.  He got to where he couldn't get comfortable, and hardly could get up and down.  We just couldn't watch him suffer and die slowly.  It was a hard day in the Schoch house.

With his passing, we needed a new "guard dog".  We asked for a male, and ended up with little Alto.  She is a funny GIRL.
Faithful Lassie unable to get comfortable

Little Alto trying to get the kitty to like her
 Just a few days later, I get a call that our dog has arrived.  I thought we already had our dog!  We were told this one is a male.  What could I do, but go get him.  He was so skinny.  He is doing pretty good now.

Then came Tenor

After this, I was off and running going to publishing meetings,and meeting with the church union leadership.
First in Iringa, then in Singida. 

Iringa Town Southern Tanzanian Union Publishing Meetings

One Sabbath afternoon we spent our time trying to free up a stuck cow who managed to wedge herself between boulders and sink her back legs in a muddy hole.

Free the cow! 
 With much help and effort, she was finally freed and walked back to the herd, but not before a torrential rain soaked us.  When she finally came out she landed on the hand of one of our agriculture students.  His fingers were badly busted open.  We took him home to dry him off, wash his wounds and bandage them.

Then I was off to another publishing meeting but this time in the North.  They are another great group of people.  

Singida Publishing meetings
Then we had the joy of having Joshua White on campus for a time helping us with true education principles.
Also Robert and Johann came from Canada to help us with many of the construction projects.  We made some good progress while they where here.  We also really enjoyed their cooking! 

A large donation helped us to get a very needed piece of equipment that has been a huge help all over campus.  On April 28th, JaCoB arrived.  Our JCB backhoe has been helping us get a lot done in a shorter amount of time!
IT'S HERE!  The unloading, early in the morning. 

Then we had the great treat of the Cootz family arriving on campus.  They "fit right in" with the team.  We are so glad to have them here. 

The avocado project continues to expand.  We have added a greenhouse and many new varieties to test.  We have lots and lots of orders for seedlings which is a huge blessing to the project.
New greenhouse in the background and thousands of new seedlings

 At the end of May, our evangelism school session ended with a large graduation of excited people ready to go out and work for the Lord!  It is always hard for me to say goodbye to them.
Graduating class from the Evangelism School
We are happy that avocado season is now in full swing.  Here is a load going to town for sale.
Beautiful Kibidula Avocados

 At the beginning of June, I went out to the 2nd Unit of the Agriculture school.  We had heard that they had good yield on their crops, but I didn't expect to see the long mountain of bean plants ready to be threshed!  God really blessed their efforts this session.  They expected more crops than previous years!  MUCH MORE!
Mountain of bean plants at unit 2
 Finally in June, Robert arrived from Kenya to help with accounting.  We are still waiting to see if it will all work out for him to join the team.  All the accounting work has kept Doug VERY busy!
Robert Maina from Kenya

 Our primary school did a "vacation bible school" type of event in a village and the final day many of our staff went out to show our support.  The young people did almost the entire program for both Sabbath school and main service.  They also did programs in the afternoon.  They are a lively group and very creative.
Young people singing

Well that gets up up to part way through June.  I think I will post a separate post for the next item I find on my camera.
I hope to post again SOON, if not today.
Thank you for all the prayers and support!

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