Friday, January 4, 2013

Tanga, Suji and Mago with Donkey Update

We were in Tanga for nine days.  We made lots of new friends and received invitations to come back to several churches in that area.  We spoke at two churches in that area, and visited a total of four.  We had people from MANY churches coming to our daily teaching sessions.  I was surprised one of the last days when they had a show of hands of people from each church!  I should have counted the number of churches that were represented!  We did a health expo at the Kana Tanga Church.  It was very well received!
Health expo training at Kana Church Tanga
It was so encouraging to see the people grasp a little more of the love of Jesus for them, and the love and care He wants to give them through abundant health both for them and those they know.  They are working on plans to have us come back for at least 3 weeks of training for them.
Joshua getting to play in at the beach for a few minutes on our tour of Pangani


If he gets close to the water, he thinks he needs in it.  Indian Ocean, south of Tanga

Pagani, where the Pagani River meets the India Ocean
We had a special treat, as the church pastors wanted to take us to a few historical sites.

Amboni Caves
Amboni Caves
So we actually got to be tourist for a day.  We saw the ocean, some great caves and learned some history.   
The person that invited us to come (a previous student) wanted us to go to his home village and share with them also.
Our previous students who invited us to Tanga and Suji.  Mr. & Mrs. Mcharo

That took us to Suji.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.
Suji (Mt. Kilimanjaro is behind those clouds.)

Suji and nearby villages on the mountain sides

Tamara teaching in the Suji church

Suji village

Nearby village from Suji on the mountain side
The church was founded in that area in the EARLY 1900's, and it shows in how clean and beautiful the place is.  It is amazing how Jesus in our hearts affects how nice we keep our villages also.  There wasn't the trash all over that we see in most places.  That was so nice.  If the weather had been better, we could have seen Mt. Kilimanjaro, but it wasn't.    They have a high school there and many of them know English.  So teaching there was a bit better, because they could understand me and then also listen to the translator.
They also said that we must come back and teach them more.  We also received the invitation to help with some effort meetings.  They would like for us to do health talks at the beginning each night.  We will have to see if we can work it into the schedule.
There were 10 of us in the Land Cruizer on the way to Suji.  It was very "cozy."  And even more so as we went up and down the mountains.  Gravity and inertia are fun things at times.
We traveled all day December 25th and arrived home at Kibidula in the evening.
On the way home a giraffe crossed the road in front of us.  That was really nice.

Today we have just arrived home from a quick trip to Eden Valley Foster Care Mission in Mago.  We took Ashuri back, since school starts on Monday for him.  We took the salaries for the staff and Doug did a bit of work with the hydro-electric system.  We left home yesterday and got home today.  We were using Janet's truck for the trip.  Many people were happy to get lifts from us on our way back!
On our trip to Tanga and Suji, we were in the Lay Evangelism Land Cruizer.  We are to go to Mago once a month until Janet returns, to do a few errands for that project. 
While we were in Mago, we walked up to the village of Idege to check on Alex and also the donkey that we had helped with.  The owner of the donkey was not there, but his wife said that the donkey didn't have it's leg cut off, she did give birth to the baby, but both she and the baby had just died the day before we got there.  On our way back down, we met up with Alex, the man with AIDS and cancer.  He is doing better, but still needs prayers.
Mago a view from Idege

The foot path to Idege

We are hoping to get a trip to Dar es Salaam organized for next month.  I don't think we have a penny donated towards a vehicle at this point, but that does not discourage me one little bit.  :)
God's timing is perfect, and we will do the best we can with what we can until something works out, if it does.  The Dar trip will most likely have to be public transportation, because we will be gone too long to take someone else's vehicle (not to mention it cost a lot to travel by car for fuel.)

This last week, we had a super big blessing as Kim Busl was here and he did afternoon meetings with us on Cross Culture Servant-hood.  OH, WERE THEY GREAT!  I think it was really eye opening to me, and it encourages me that we can be so much more effective in reaching the people and working together with the various cultures we have here.  God is working on clearing out more of my dross.  I am so thankful that He loves me so much that He is not content to leave me where I am!  As I learn to follow more closely with Him, I am happier and happier! 

Thank you SO much for all the prayers, support and encouragement.  God is doing wonderful things.  We are blessed and humbled to be allowed to be a tool in His hand and see Him work!

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