Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kibidula new session, Giants, starting work in Dar

Joseph (the oldest Masai student), Baraka and us after graduation.
It has been one month and ten days since I posted an update.  We are in Dar es Salaam right now, so it is a great time to upload some pictures and a blog update!  Now if I can remember everything.

Health Expo Feb 2012 Kibidula Church - 60 plus attendees

We started the One-Month Medical Missionary courses as part of the now expanded FIVE month Lay Evangelism Course at Kibidula.  Kibidula has decided to add an entire month for just the Medical missionary training.  It was a great month.  We had twenty-five students ranging in age from twenties to fifties or more.  Of the students we had two ladies (one was there with her husband), four Masai, and one giant.  Our giant is a now a dear friend (as are most of the students, now.)  He is 7' 4" tall.  He is actually from the area we are in right now.  He is in Kibidula while we are at his home, Dar es Salaam.

Feb 2012 one-Month Graduation from Health Training
 We graduated the students on the sixth of this month and caught a bus the seventh to come to Dar es Salaam.

We did a Health Expo at the Kibidula Church with the students the Sunday before leaving.  We had at least SIXTY people come through the health expo.  The students did a GREAT job of teaching, testing and giving lifestyle advice.  The students and participants were very happy with the event. 

Our trip to Dar es Salaam was full of answered prayers.  We have faced many challenges, but with prayers from so many, God is opening many, many doors!
Some of the wild animals we saw on the bus ride to Dar es Salaam.

We started in Ubungo Hill doing health talks each night and Health expo and testing for several hours before teaching each night.  We have had over 200 people come from many faiths (including Isl*am!)
Nightly health talks in Ubungo Hill

The church is about full every night for the health teaching.  We keep pointing them to the One from Whom all blessings come!

Health Expo, Doug doing BP checks, Joshua helping with Peak flow meter

Me (Tamara) doing Pulse Ox readings (oxygen levels and pulse), BMI and recording Peak flow goals
 We are so happy that God has opened the way for us to serve in this HUGE city to reach so many people and encourage them in their health and most importantly, in the love and salvation of Jesus!

Here is a picture of the tractor that we transported to Kibidula on the container with our things.  It is getting a LOT of use.  Thank you again to everyone that prayed that through!
Jason driving the tractor preparing the new Avocado tree plantings.

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