Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pictures from Africa

I have been wanting to post a few pictures that have not made it into posts, but to find the time to do it has been challenging.  BUT since my husband ASKED me to update the blog, I decided I would do it now.  You will see various things, some have things in common and others are well silly - like this one!
Um????  What?
Ah ha!  Douglas having a little fun with Ashuri and Joshua and the glow sticks that Joshua brought from the US
I try to take a picture of the giraffes every time I see them!
There are various patterns depending on the variety of giraffe.
Our garden.  Sweet potatoes did great, got a little corn, some beans and lots of greens and lettuce.
In the neighbor's garden, but we have some planted, but not bearing yet.
In our garden in the compost pile.  If I am right about the variety, he is not supposed to be in this area, but he sure looks like that variety!
My first scarecrow. It kept the monkeys away for one whole day!
Do you know what this is? Answer in next picture.
Army Ants - we had a bit problem with these in the garden, but now they are gone again.
What we would like in our garden!  Honey bees! Tom - where are you when we need you?
Rice drying in the sun along the road on the way to Mbeya
The four-lined grass mouse that got in the house.  He has chipmunk colors.
Tanzania's tallest living man - our student Baraka.  These are normal and even tall people with him!
I love the colors these ladies are wearing.
Road trip.  Yes there is a road to the right and then down across that water...  LOOKING DOWN HILL
And looking UP THAT HILL, the roughness just doesn't show very well.  IT WAS SCARY!
Same trip - different place.  Now you know why we can't just buy a "normal" car.
Now this is the biggest pot hole I have ever seen.  Inside pictured BELOW.
This is a picture from INSIDE THE POT HOLE!  Don't fall in!
Another Mud house with grass roof.  I love taking pictures of these.
This is a type of food storage - grain perhaps, up off the ground to reduce rats.
Baobab trees are so HUGE and so cool looking.  Taken from the train trip.
Some preschool children at a project in Zambia it is a brand new school.
Some people make a fence with tall grass.
Some use various pieces of wood and limbs
Village children along the train tracks greeting and asking for empty water bottles
This tree full of woven bird nests is next to a river.  You might be able to see some of the yellow birds.

The ladies are out gathering firewood.  If they don't have a bike, they carry it on their heads.
The Kibidula staff and family.
This may be from the same trip as above.  At least you can see some of the issues in this one.
Okay, you may have to click on this one to make it big so you can see.  Way back in the back in the center of the picture on those mountains are two white streaks - THOSE ARE WATERFALLS!  They must be HUGE, because we were still so far away.  I would love to see the source for them - ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!
But if you do have a bike, you can carry a LOT MORE!  He is hauling charcoal and a water jug.

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