Friday, July 19, 2013

The Ceiling fell in - REALLY!

The meetings in Dodoma went GREAT.  They started early and went past 9 pm each night.  Then we had a ride back to the hotel.  So we got to bed LATE night after night.  But God is so faithful.  We have been praying about these meetings ever since we first heard about them, that God would use them to open doors for us to work more with the various health leaders around the nation.  God answered our prayers (and yours) and we were asked to spend a little time from the front telling about our work and letting people know that we are available to do mobile training and people can come to Kibidula for training.  They were hoping for 1,500 participants, but there were much less than that amount, but they plan to have it on a yearly basis.  So hopefully next year there will be a lot more people.  There were some very good presentations.  It was held at the University of Dodoma.  That place is HUGE!  It is one of the larges universities in Africa.  It was very impressive.  
Speaking hall at UDOM

I also let the need for a translator be known.  We are still praying for our teaching materials to be completely translated and edited to make them available to students who are in our classes.  
The bus trip there and back went well.  We had NO PROBLEMS with thieves this time!  YEAH!
We saw many great animals when the bus passed through the national park area.  There has been a fire (or fires there) so it looks different than any time we have passed through before.  Everything is so brown and dry (even so much more than normal for the dry season.  You can see a long way through the trees since the leaves have been killed.  It seemed like we saw many less animals than normal (especially on our trip there.)  We prayed that we would see animals on the way back, and we saw MANY.  We saw elephants, lots of giraffes, antelope, zebra, and baboons.  OH, Doug saw a crocodile by the river (not at the park.)  I had just mentioned that I wanted to watch as we passed the river to look for crocodiles.  I don't think even a minute passed by and Doug said, I just saw one.  How do you like that?  There is a camp close to that location called crocodile camp.  That is why I thought I would start watching for them.
What about the ceiling?
I tell you what, it seems like anything is possible and GOD IS SO GOOD.
We finished up the meetings Saturday night.  We got home (LATE AGAIN.)  We got up early and the taxi driver is to be there at 5:30 am.  (He didn't show up, by-the-way.)
We got the suitcase packed and the red duffel bag.  I only need to put a couple of things into my backpack.  Joshua is dressed and is putting on his shoes by the hotel-room door by the suitcase.  As soon as he slips on his shoes, he announces "I need to go to the bathroom" as he runs across the room.  CRASH!!!!
All three of us are standing by the bathroom door (as far as you can get from the room door) and the ceiling fell down right over the door.  The noise was so loud for 5:20 a.m..  I figured we woke up everyone in the hotel.  Oh, I just praise the Lord for having Joshua move away from there so quickly JUST before it happened.  He hadn't even made it IN the bathroom door, yet.  The ceiling was made up of some corrugated plastic stuff, and the dirt and dust that came down with it were amazing!  There were some pieces of wire and other debris.  We were choked up with all the dirt, but so thankful to see God's hand of protection once again.  
In this picture it is not very clear because there was SO MUCH DIRT in the air after it fell down.  We have moved the suitcase away from the door and had been in and out a few times before I took this picture.  So a lot of dust has already settled down.

The Ceiling Fell in - REALLY!
So we saw God protect each one of us from a very dirty, scary and possibly dangerous situation.  He is SO good to us all the time!  Thank you for all of your prayers!

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