Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Demons and Dust Devils

For many people the idea of demon possessed people sounds like a thing out of the movies or something foolish.  But here in Tanzania, there are still practicing witchdoctors  and numerous accounts with the occult type challenges.  We are in a war between God and Satan and I think many times people forget that 1/3 of the (once holy) angels fell and now are what many call "demons." 
We have heard testimonies from people who have been very involved in witchcraft.  We have heard amazing stories from evangelist, students and close friends.  Even here just down the road from the largest university in East Africa (UDOM) in the village of Makulu during our efforts we have been hearing stories that have just happened that day while team members have been visiting guests in their homes. 
Yesterday we had a lady having a screaming foaming fit at the site (thankfully it was not during any of the teaching times, but it did run off  young men that were there to be health tested.) 
After a season of prayer things have been quit.  I just found out that she had been going to church but had stopped.  She then went to a witchdoctor to try to get a "spell or whatever" to get a husband.  Venturing on Satan's ground is a sure way to open the door for trouble.  I was also told that she is doing well now. 

Then today a lady saw us and was told we were testing blood sugars (incorrectly.)  She came and we did test her weight, height, BMI, and BP.  She received lots of counseling on health issues especially being overweight, diabetes and high BP.  She was full of questions and was very talkative.  She was with us for over an hour.  We invited her to the meetings and then the discussion turned really interesting as she started to tell us that she could not come because she has a problem with demons (especially a demon of a witchdoctor) that will not allow her to enter a church or religious meeting.  She was really very open about what was going on in her house and her problems.  She did give us her phone number and several of the local people plan to follow up with her to pray and study with her. 
And if that wasn't interesting enough - the weather is attacking us.
Friday the site and Doug were attacked by a dust devil (like a mini tornado.)  I saw it coming and ran for the truck.  Doug was putting up the measuring tape on the metal post of the sound system tent, and the dust devil picked up the tent, cutting his hand on the metal tape, broke one of the metal pipes, and dumped the tent down (three legs down one standing.)  There were only minor injuries.  The tent was welded and put back up.  Some of the speakers were damaged.
Attack #1.  Doug was holding the pole that is now on the ground where the boy is walking.

Then yesterday when we came back from lunch, we saw they were working on the speakers again.  We asked what happened and they pointed to the four tents that are together for the audience.  One was lifted off two of its legs and placed over the edges of two others.  It was moved about 4 feet!  Then we looked at the marks on the ground and saw that all of them had been moved.  They said a huge wind came and blew down the speakers and moved the tents.
Today, we saw a HUGE dust devil (MANY TIMES BIGGER than the one Friday.)  It was coming towards our site, then it changed direction and then dissappeard.  We saw it throw dirt and dibris thousands of feet in the air.  I watched for many minutes to see the debris continue upward until I couldn't even see it (and some of it was big!)  It came dangerously close to where Joshua and Ashery were. 
A friend of mine said (old World War II saying) that you know when you are close to the target when you start to "catch" flak.  Well, we must be onto something here! 

Please continue to keep us and everyone in your prayers!  We have four more days of meetings.  Many have been baptized and more are preparing for baptism Saturday.  God is faithful!

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