Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wrapping up the work in Dodoma and facing the Road of Death!

12 people sitting were baptized Saturday along with some others!

Last day of meetings 14 total tents were set up and there wasn't enough room!

During the last week - a health lesson - Tamara teaching, Joshua translating
With a name like "The Road of Death" you would think a person wouldn't really be looking forward to facing it, but we are!  It means that we are going home soon.  It has been almost three weeks since we have slept in our own beds.  We aren't complaining, but there is no place like home.
The health outreach and evangelism effort have been going on for three weeks now, and things are wrapped up.  Six hundred and thirty-nine people responded to our health expo and health outreach for testing and education.  We handed out thousands of pieces of literature on health and salvation in the last several weeks.  God has opened many doors.  We have spoken or taught in four different locations. Ten people followed their Saviour in baptism last week and 12 or more today.
The group set up an additional 9 tents, so today there are 14 tents here on the playing field of the local primary school. 
Flat dry stretch on the "road of death" from Iringa to Dodoma

Joshua helping with the sound system at the meetings

Doug testings some late comers

Doug and Joshua and many school children.

Tamara teaching and Ashery translating a health lesson

Some of the aftermath after the first dirt devil

Dirt devil aftermath another angle.

Doug and Joshua testing and giving health counseling

Ashely and a helper helping with health testing

House call to the village


This village puppy was so very skinny

House call to a 90 year old grandmother and a man that had an accident.  Doug is massaging.

Walking back from that house - trash is everywhere often in these villages
Heavy load of fire wood.  People are so resourceful and hardworking.

We leave in less than two hours!  I wanted to get caught up on posts before we get back the the land of random internet!  It has been nice being able to post pictures without making them less than 50 kb each! 
I did sleep well last night (the first time in many, many days!)  Maybe concern about the NUMEROUS malaria carrying mosquitoes has been keeping me up too much.  I got enough bites last night before going to bed I guess I wasn't worried about accidentally touching the net and getting a few more during the night.  I don't know.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.  Much will be going on over the next few months.  We have appointments near and far through October (at least) so far. 
We are close to 10% to our goal for purchasing a vehicle for our department.  We were very blessed to be able to use a pick-up this trip.  It belongs to another department but was available because of the recent leaving of a family from Kibidula.  Soon it will be put back into service with that department as a new family is arriving for that department.  We are still praying that God will provide a vehicle for the Medical Missionary team.  Thank you for your prayers and thank you to all who are supporting this work. 

The feedback we got last night as we were saying our good-byes was very encouraging.  God is touching hearts!  One couple from a non-Christian religion, made an amazing appearance late yesterday at the closing meeting.  They brought their 5 day old baby.  They had just came from the hospital with him.  The baby was dying.  If I understood (and Joshua also gave me details) the baby would not cry or nurse.  It had been on a feeding tube.  A group of church members went and prayed with them and the baby immediately started getting better.  When the hospital released them yesterday, the father said, "We are not going home.  We will go to the church first, and I want to be baptized."  They also asked for the baby to be dedicated.  It was, and the family will start lessons to prepare to follow Jesus as their Saviour in baptism.  It was a very emotional way to end the meeting.

Many people came up to us and were so thankful for the teaching and service that we gave during the last three weeks.  Many asked for our contact info and for written materials to learn more.  Some asked us to pray for them as they seek to follow the counsel that was given them.

I challenged them to a Daniel-10-day-test.  Many accepted and I told them we would pray for them!
God is faithful.  Time to pack!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making it possible for us to work here in Africa.

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