Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mbeya Health-Evangelism Meetings

From the Haneti meetings, Joshua and I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at home, and started our travels to the next evangelism meeting in Mbeya.  The big difference is that instead of having a supportive teaching session, we had the main teaching session! 
Just after finishing our first evening's talk.  It was a full house.

The meetings were supposed to be two weeks consecutive, but because of challenges and a conflict in an unexpected set of special meetings, it was reduced to one week.

After the meetings another evening
We were also limited by the local police and location to only do health outreach and the meetings during a short window of time each day. 
There were many challenges, but we had many people come for testing and also the lessons.
Joshua reading the Bible texts for the "call" portion.
Joshua is a big attractant for people, especially children.  There were numerous children every day and evening wanting to see or hear Joshua.  For a American child to speak Swahili well draws a lot of attention.  He was a trooper translating for me for all the various messages and helping in other ways.  I pray that God used this for His glory to bring more people to hear the words of Life.
Our hosts while we stayed in Mbeya.  They took great care of us.

It has been one full month since I have seen my husband.  As these meetings are ending, so his are ending also.  We will all travel back and be home very soon.

Goats visiting at the church between services. 

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