Thursday, November 13, 2014

Class, efforts and health expos - many baptized (July-September)

Things have been busy (as usual.)  The one month of medical missionary training to start the five month evangelism course started in July.  We had the extra blessing of Julie B. coming to teach music during that time to the students (and to some of us missionaries.)
She brought some donated instruments, also.  I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the guitar and violin that she brought.  Several have been able to use the autoharp also.  We are still struggling with the recorders, though.  I think we have a teacher lined up to help us with that if we can just make the time and be home long enough to get a few lessons.
Music is such a blessing!
We have a great group of students this session.  Doug and the boys were off at effort in Ukemele for part of the month.  They did health lessons, health expo and helped as needed.  There were 25 people that were to get baptized at that effort, but Joshua thinks it was actually 21 that did. 

Not too long after they returned from that I was asked to go to Zimbabwe to help with a medical missionary session there.  I will post about that separately.

While I was gone to Zimbabwe, Doug and the boys assisted the students in four more health expos as the students assisted in the evangelism efforts in the nearby villages with the Czech group.  This group comes once a year to work with the local church to do outreach and evangelism.  They use many of the students and staff of Kibidula to help with the work.  None of this work can any one person receive all the credit - it all belongs to God!

There were 152 people that came through the health expo at the two nearby villages.  There were 17 baptisms there this last weekend.  Then Doug took the pastor to another village where one of Kibidula's lay evangelist is working and 6 more were baptized!  It is so exciting to see people giving their lives to Jesus. 

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