Thursday, March 1, 2012

God answers prayers - TIN complete

Sometimes I am embarrassed at my surprise when God answers our prayers so
wonderfully. He did again today.
Yesterday we were told that we would have our "town/market" experience
today. We prayed that God would help us to get our shopping assignment done
quickly and get our TIN paperwork completed during the town trip.
I prayed that God would help us get it COMPLETED today and quickly.
Here is how He answered our prayer. First we got our shopping done very
quickly and for the exact amount of money we had for our assignment. The
driver of the vehicle was parked very close to our shopping area so we
quickly dropped off our purchases and walked very briskly to the TRA office.

When we arrived I was relieved to see a very short line of people outside
door number six (where we had to go.) I sat down to wait in line, but Doug
felt impressed to open the door. When he did, he motioned to me to come in.
There was an empty waiting room inside and a lady behind the desk whom we
had talked to two days previously. She welcomed us right to her desk. We
didn't argue one second. She quickly had me sit down and took my picture
and my finger prints, and she did the same for Doug (although it took three
times for his picture to be acceptable.) Then she told us to go back up to
room 105. Before we left her office, the waiting room was packed full of
people and the line down the hall was very long. We had only been in her
office about 5 minutes total, and now there was a line of about 20 people!
I was praising the Lord for the miracle of getting us there at just the
perfect time. If we had been 5 minutes later, we would have spent the rest
of the day probably and perhaps not gotten done, again.
We went up to room 105 and there was a very short line of about 3-4 people.
We waited maybe 10 minutes in this line. When it was our turn, he quickly
took our paperwork and printed out our final certificates. We asked if we
were done, he said we were done "there." I asked again at the reception
area on the way out if we were finished. He said we were finished. We had
gotten a ride to town with the class (part of classes cost) and expected to
have to purchase rides back to town. God is so good.
Before we left camp I had told Alloyce that we might not make it back for
lunch. He gave me his phone number and told me to call when I knew for
certain if we would be back for lunch or not so they could save us some
lunch. As soon as we were done, I called him and asked if he could contact
the car driver and find out if he and the other groups had returned to
school or if they were still in town. He told me to call back in 5 minutes.
I called back and he told me that they were still in town. He told me to go
to the office and ask the lady working there call the driver to pick us up
at the office. We quickly did that. She quickly called him and said he
would come to pick us up. Only two more things I needed to do. I needed to
find someone to scan in our certificates and to get Doug's emailed to the
receiving agent. I told the lady my need. She said she could scan it and
email it to me right then. She did just that. Before I left her office it
was downloading on my computer (I had my internet "dongle" with me with
works in town.) The drive drove up and told us that the other groups were
not had not finished their shopping yet! I quickly forwarded the email with
certificate to the receiving agent. It was all done in less than on hour!
God is SO AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL. I know this was in answer to our and many
others prayers! We didn't even have to pay for a crowded ride back to
school (and a mile walk after that.) We didn't miss lunch either (or have
to buy it in town.) We were able to make this whole trip without any more
additional cost (unlike the two previous trips) and in record time! Nothing
is too hard for God!
Right now it appears that the bill of lading is complete (only one, but the
receiving agent said he would try to sort it out when it arrived - more
prayers!) Now he is asking for a corrected inventory with a few things I
don't know how to do. I will ask around and see if someone else has some
ideas on how to make it the way he wants it. Maybe I can find something on
the internet. Kirstein loaned us his phone to use for a "dongle" down here
at camp again.
I praise the Lord for his goodness. If we had not gotten this done today,
Doug was going to have to miss a day of class to go next week to finish the
Tomorrow we will learn how to make ugali and some other Tanzanian foods
(along with the rest of the class.) We need to memorize some lists of verbs
and nouns to use in class. We are only allowed to talk in Swahili tomorrow
in the kitchen (jikoni.) Thank you for the prayers. The container should
be arriving anytime from yesterday until ??? - Tamara


  1. It was an invoice that the receiving agent was requesting, and I have created that and emailed it to him. So now we wait for the next requirement. I believe we have complied with everything so far! YEAH!

  2. Hi Doug, Tamara and Joshua - I am connected to your blog and so happy to read about your journey. You certainly did have a day full or prayers answer and God's guiding hand on your work to be done. Loved the previous blog with the beautiful King fisher bird. Now just have to catch up on Feb's blogs. Dad had surgery yesterday. Got out late last night but is doing well. Will go see him today. Weather has been beautiful here. 70s many days. Doug would know - that doesn't happen in MI. Did have some tornadoes close to here. Praise God we didn't have to deal with it. In continued prayer......Brenda