Monday, March 26, 2012

No appointment needed

We had a very nice Sabbath. We were well enough to go to church and then we
"lunch pooled" with another family and visitor. We then watched another
great sermon on a computer and had some very good discussion afterwards. We
took a short walk just after lunch and got a bit wet as it started raining.
(I am not complaining!)
Sunday brought opportunities to minister. First another missionary family
member brought over a young lady to have her get some reading glasses. We
are very thankful for the donation of the reading glasses and quick test
chart that we were able to bring the first time we came to Kibidula back in
June of last year. They have been a blessing to many people. The young
lady and her mother seemed very happy with her new glasses and her ability
to read without putting the book so close to her face and squinting. She is
a student and has been getting bad headaches after much reading. When the
mother asked how much they needed to pay, we explained that they were a gift
from God.
At lunch time a man and his son were escorted to our door. The man had hurt
his back two weeks ago. Doug worked on him for a few hours and he said he
was feeling much better. He thought he might come back again today if he
needed to, but so far we have not seen him.
Joshua joined in by spending time with the son, coloring in his Bible
Coloring Activity book, doing Bible word searches and sharing some of his
other activities.
It is a joy to be a blessing.
Doug has started making rounds to the other houses on campus checking their
solar systems and batteries.
Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us to have rain. It has
rained almost every day this last week. Yesterday it rained so hard we
couldn't have a conversation, again. Right now we see the rain clouds and
hear there thunder, again.
Doug is currently trying to find out about his trip to Tanga and what should
be brought. He just got off the phone. The shipping company has failed to
give us a copy of the shipping lines bill of lading. Until a copy of that
is to our receiving agent, they told Doug to not even bother to come! We
have been trying to get them to give us the BOL for weeks now. PLEASE JOIN
The thing that was good about Doug going to Tanga this week, was that
another staff member has to go to Tanga and they could go together. Now
with this delay (unless it is cleared up VERY QUICKLY) Doug may have to go
Please also pray for successful release and delivery of the container that
has our stuff, ministry items and Kibidula's new tractor in it.

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