Sunday, April 8, 2012

Speaking at a local church and more.

The crew from Kibidula put up the frame and roof for this One-Day Church last year and now we were speaking in it.

Tamara speaking in the church
Children playing in the dirt while the adults listen to the messages.
I have several things to report this week including updating our website with our current pledges, a new link for online donations, newsletter requests, financial expense report info, and our activities this week including our speaking appointment yesterday.  God is wonderful!

I have updated the website to have an online donation link under the donations/support page for those who are interested in donating via credit card.

I have added a section on the right-hand side of each page with our currently monthly “pledges.”

This last week I sent out a request for email address for those that want to be added to the Kibidula Newsletter mailing list.  I have received 33 responses.  If you did not get the request, and are interested in receiving it, please contact me with the email address to which you would like it sent.  Right now our goal is to send it out once a quarter and possibility with special project updates.

I also looked over our funds and expenditures and typed up a report and request for people to pray about being partners with us in making this a success.  I sent it to those for whom I had email addresses and thought might be interested to know or participate.  If you would like a copy of that email, again, just contact me via the contact page or my current email address and I will send that to you also.  There are people that want to know, and I just don’t know which ones they are!

Yesterday was a very overcast day, and we are thankful for that!  We were invited to speak at a church outside of Kibidula.  They were having a special “guests’ day” and we estimate over 200 people came out for the entire day.  We arrived about 9 am and left about 5 pm.  The “one day church” was packed full and people were lined up outside the windows and doors to listen to the messages.  Doug and I both gave presentations along with two other members of Kibidula.  The church had acquired a sound system for the day and had speakers (along with the generator to run them) outside so everyone would be able to listen to the messages.  The last meeting we held outside.

We encouraged people in their walk with our wonderful Savoir and Lord, Jesus Christ.  We talked some on health and how God wants to bless us with health for our happiness and for our spiritual health, also.
It was good that it wasn’t a super sunny day or it would have been most stuffy with the packed church and very hot standing outside in the hot sun.  God blessed in many, many ways.

There were many people that were encouraged by what they heard (including me!)  It was a wonderful, wonderful blessed day. 

We have been talking and working on how to move forward more with the medical missionary work in practice here at Kibidula more.  We are still working out details but we are getting some very exciting feedback, suggestions and HELP.  I will report more on that soon, as things finalize out. 

We continue to look forward to our container and the teaching and missionary supplies on it (and my stuff too.)

Doug also completed the wiring in all except two rooms that are not ready for one of the teachers.  He completed the prototype for the solar lights he will be installing on various staff members' houses (so each has at least one light.)  He removed one of the big antennas from our house so the tower can be moved and used for the solar panel on the solar water pump for the clinic and primary school  That solar pump install is his priority this week.

We also received emails with pledges for month support this last week.  That is very encouraging.

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, support and encouragement.  Thank you also for the emails of what is going on outside of our little world here.

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