Monday, April 2, 2012


Okay, I have been told that I am not sharing enough pictures. 

The first picture is of our new garden place getting its first tiny transplants.

The second picture is Joshua doing his type of outreach, coloring with the son of the man who was getting a massage because he had hurt his back.

The third picture is of Joshua with many new friends at church.

The fourth picture is the 4th grade class at the Primary school here at Kibidula.  This was the day I substitute taught.  We had just finished science class and they were getting ready to leave.

The fifth picture is of one of the smallest butterflies I have ever seen

And my last picture for today is the bark of a huge eucalyptus tree.  I think it is so pretty. <<...>> <<...>> <<...>> <<...>> <<...>> <<...>>


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  2. Thank you for the pictures! That butterfly is so beautiful. Joshua really stands out at church, doesn't he? It all looks wonderful. (Sorry about the previous delete. I realized I needed to proofread for errors before publishing. Wouldn't want everyone to know how bad my grammar is ;D.)