Monday, April 9, 2012

More Pictures

Yellow-headed Dwarf Day Gecko in Dar es Salaam

A big dead bug.  My size 9 shoe as a reference.
Some of our view as we road to Kibidula through on of the parks.
What we DON'T want to happen when our container comes. 
Mud houses along the highway
Arriving at the Mafinga market after our ride from Dar
Two of many monkeys looking over our fence at our new house.
Red-headed agama at language school
One of many BIG millipedes.  This one with orange/red stripes.
Giant millipede with green stripes
A hair-brush type flower from a tree at camp.
My cropping disappeared when I emailed this.  There is a really nice bird in this picture.
The children going to fetch water from the river and bring it back to their village.
One of many beautiful flowers in my yard.
The view from tower one of part of our yard at Kibidula.
Doug working on removing one of the two antennas from our house.
My vodacom internet bundle expires tomorrow.  We use the other service because it usually works faster and is cheaper.  So I have some megabytes to use up today, so I am uploading some pictures.  I hope you enjoy them. 

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