Friday, January 20, 2012

Arrived Safely at Kibidula

We have arrived safely. Thank you to everyone that has been praying. We
have started unpacking some. We have no internet connection at the house
(the wireless router that we purchased.) A neighbor loaned us their truck
and told us where to drive to get a connection. It is quite slow, but at
least I am getting this out. All packages arrived safely with us without
issue. All baggage arrived, also. Please PRAY FOR DAILY GOOD RAIN for
Kibidula since there are not that many more days of rainy season to
replenish the springs. We have a correction... our water supply is not a
well, but a protected spring that needs the rain to supply it. There is
much to do over the next week getting the house cleaned up and some projects
done before we go to language classes in one week. If I have better
internet at the language school, I will update more then.

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