Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mouse, Water & Laptop update

After several nights of failed rodent catching, last night on the third
attempt we caught one. The trap that we have borrowed doesn't always trip.
We were lying in bed and heard the trigger click, but the trap not activate.
Doug got up and reset it. We went through this twice and the third time it
did trip and the critter did not get away.
Doug decided we would deal with it in the morning. The trap had flipped so
the rodent stiffened up in a very life-like position. It is really cute.
This is a picture of it on a rat trap (not a mouse trap.)
Too bad it was eating up things and making such messes. We actually think
it is a wood mouse. That is the best that we could identify it. Doug saw a
different rat yesterday around one of the walls. He said it had a very
different tail (and longer.) So we will set the trap again and see what
Our water tank does not appear to be filling. So as we use the water, it
just keeps going down. Today looks like the day that we will run out of
water. Then we will learn what to do when we have no water in our tank.
Life is certainly an adventure.
Doug checked the batteries on the current solar system. Many of them were
very low on fluid. We were able to use three bottles of distilled water,
but it is not enough. We have asked someone that is in town today if they
can try to find some more for us. Doug has requested 6 liters. We hope
that will get our batteries up to better status. They have not been holding
a good charge. The water showed up as I was typing this. We now have at
least the plates covered in the batteries. We hope this will help with the
battery capacity.
Another missionary has an external case for the hard drive from my laptop.
We have taken it out and placed it in it, but our other computers are not
recognizing the new device. The laptop does at least stay on without the
hard drive in it. This makes me wonder if the hard drive is the issue.
This does not sound good to me. As I am typing this we are also trying to
search for a driver that might allow us to access this external drive with
my hard drive in it.
Thing are certainly challenging.
It is funny looking at this tiny box realizing how much information, books,
audios, videos, documents, pictures, emails, and such are (or were)
contained on it. I hope we can still get to it somehow.
Sunday we leave for language class.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha. Last week I saw a mouse trap in the shop and I said to my husband "The folk at Kibidula should have told us to take these with us when we went there!" (I'm Thandi, you folk are living in the house we used to live in:-) )