Friday, January 13, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request, Dad, Snow & Mouse

We got an email from our contact that is helping us with getting our container to the Kansas City Rail Ramp and we were told that “the billing wasn’t in place” and the container will not be accepted until it is.  If the driver taking it to the ramp has to wait with the container, we will be charged (most of the quotes on waiting truckers has been at least $100 an hour!)
The shipper informed us Thursday night that they do not get the rail billing in place until they have the vessel booking complete, and the vessel is not accepting bookings until Friday!  Then it can take several hours to finalize the billing.  Not to mention the shipper is on the west coast, the vessel on the east coast and we are on central time. 
The driver called last night and asked when he could pick up the container.  I told him as “late as possible.”  He said that is not good for him.  I understand this.  He has to drive from Kansas City to my mom’s (at least 1 ½ hours) load it, and drive it back.  He would like to get it done early.  They will try to work with us, but they can delay only so long.
So please pray that the shipper will get the billing in place as early as possible this morning and that the container will be delivered today with the billing in place.

I talked to Dad on the phone Thursday evening.  He is gaining strength.  He went to the doctor and to Wal-Mart yesterday.  Instead of using a wheelchair, he used crutches!  This is a huge step.  He is in a serious amount of pain.  His said his knees were giving him severe pain.

God loves to answer prayer and give us the desires of our hearts.

Joshua has been praying for snow one last time before we move to Africa.  God saw fit to answer that prayer, and we did get snow.  In this picture it is still snowing, but my camera didn’t pick up on it well.  Joshua enjoyed taking the snow shovel and clearing the deck and walkway.  He wanted to make a mini snowman, but decided that the snow was just too cold to deal without using gloves (wherever those are packed!) 

On another note, my mom’s cat Misty likes to bring in “presents.” 
Here is one of the presents with the kitten, Stormy (formally named Comfort.)   He was quite the squeaking little mouse.  I didn’t realize that mice can climb just about anything!  This little guy kept escaping the cats.  I was at the table and felt something on my skirt.  It was too light to be a kitten, and sure enough, it was the mouse.  (Maybe I smelled safe, being a vegetarian?)  He certainly was a cute thing.  Within moments when he realized I saw him, he took off and hid for a while.  Then later in the day, he was up in the widow.   
He was climbing the wall and window seal.  I didn’t know those little claws were so efficient.  Maybe this is a lesson to prep us for rats in Africa. I don’t know.  He got away again this time.  Mice can really jump also.  The mouse is dead now, but the cats didn’t terrorize it more.  He accidentally got smashed under someone’s shoe while they were trying to keep it from escaping.  It was probably best for all involved.  It was a bit distracting trying to cook with a mouse in the kitchen, and it is sad to see the cats playing with it. I am looking forward to Heaven where things are not destructive (mice, cats, etc.)  God is faithful. 

Please pray for the above shipping issue regarding the container, and every aspect of the container shipping.  The “seal” that goes on the container is so easily cut, that only God in his mercy can keep that thing protected against theft on it’s two-plus month journey to our new home in Tanzania, Africa.  We appreciate all of your prayer more than I can express.

We will be in Africa this time next week!

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