Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dad's improving, container is packed FULL.

We spent several weeks in Arkansas with Dad.  He continues to improve.  The doctor has now released him to be weight bearing on his legs.  We are very thankful to God for this answer to prayer.  He has started using his legs and trying to walk again.  He is experiencing a lot of pain and weakness, but he is determined.  Today he was able to go swimming at the local gym.  I am so thankful that he is working towards his healing.  God is answering so many prayers. 

My family has returned to Mom’s house in Missouri.  We finished the last of the packing into the shipping container, finalized the inventory paperwork and closed up the container.  It is such a relief to have the packing done!  The container is very full.  It is to be picked up Friday. 

Dear friends are driving us to Kansas City on Sunday.  We will have two nights in Kansas City (using frequent flyer miles) in a hotel, and be shuttled over to the airport Tuesday for our first flight.  We will fly to Washington D.C. and spend the night in a hotel (provided by the airline.)  Then we fly to Africa Wednesday.  We arrive in Tanzania Thursday, with a short layover in Ethiopia. 
We ask for prayer for safety for us and all that we are shipping.


  1. You will be exhausted by the time you get here! But hang on... you'll have a few years to recover. :) Praying for a safe journey for both you and the container. Antionette & Family

  2. Yay! You got your bicycles in! Our prayers go with you. God bless! JJ