Friday, January 27, 2012

Teaching and sick

Doug taught one of the bible classes at the primary school today. This is
the second time this week he was asked to fill in for a teacher that had to
go to town to work on getting his wife transferred here so they can be
together. That teacher has been here since we came last June/July without
his wife. They are anxious to be reunited.
I (Tamara) started feeling unwell during the night last night. My stomach
was feeling yucky. This morning I have serious diarrhea. I have taken
activated charcoal and it has already made it through my transit system. I
am feeling very weak and tired. I am a bit achy also, but don't know if it
is from laying still in one position so much or a symptom. My temperature a
little while ago was in the normal range. I would appreciate prayer very
much regarding this.
Our family was invited for lunch at one of the other missionaries' houses.
Doug and Joshua have started out walking to their house a bit early so
Joshua can play with the youngest boy there before the meal. I had hoped to
join them, but I am unsure I could walk that far. If I am contagious, I
certainly don't want to share. We heard talk that one of the missionary
families did have some kind of stomach issue just before we came here. We
have been around them a short bit. Whatever the cause, I hope it is very
short term.
Today is Friday, tomorrow is church and Sunday we are to travel to the
language school. I certainly don't feel like I can travel right now.
The water situation has not changed at all. Doug checked our tank again
yesterday and there is no water coming into it at all. He was able to walk
across the way and get a bucket of water.
I did make myself eat some mango and a cracker with peanut butter this
morning with my family. I felt that I would throw it up, but I didn't. I
took another round of charcoal. While looking for the thermometer we came
across some pro-biotic that we had brought last trip. After I took that
capsule, I again felt like I would throw up. So far, I have not. That
would be adding insult to injury.
With the water situation being as it is, unless something changes
drastically we will not be able garden year round as we had thought. That
will make our food budget and food supply more of a challenge. We will work
on a budget more after we return from language school.
We have been asked to hire a local lady to help around the house. It is
only about 33 cents per hour to have her. But that adds up on a missionary
budget. She is very thankful for the work, and she came yesterday and today.
Yesterday for 8 hours and today for a half a day. She is a very good
I have been told that she never married and needed work. So far we really
like her. We wanted to try to give her a little work before we were gone
for six weeks. She is very anxious to earn some money so she can give some
to the Lord. We met her sister and brother-in-law (which both work for
Kibidula) when we were here six months ago.
I am hopeful that it will work out well for and with her.
Doug has taken my hard drive with him to the Waber's. It is his external
drive case. We hope he can access some of my information off it. He might
not have time today. I don't know.

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