Saturday, January 14, 2012

Container in Kansas City - and a MIRACLE!

The container was picked up and taken to Kansas City.  After MANY phone calls and emails between three different companies (the container company, the towing company and the international shipper) the billing was processed (answer to prayer!)  The billing did finalize before the container arrived.  BUT, the rail yard stopped lifting containers before it arrived, too!  So it is with MOKAN for a few days.  They have said that they will take care of the extra cost of having it brought to them and taken back to rail yard again (another blessing.)

 I saw another miracle today!  I prayed that I would see my daddy walk before we left for Africa.  Today, via Skype, I did just that!  God is so wonderful.  He loves to answer prayers.  Dad even drove his pick-up, too.  He spent a couple of hours at the gym swimming and working out.  Dad got out of his wheel chair and took several steps forward and then back to his chair.  It is obvious that he is in a lot of knee pain, but HE IS WALKING!  Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.  Praise the Lord for His love.

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