Monday, February 13, 2012


There is not very much new to share.  We continue to study, study, study and pray, pray, pray regarding learning Swahili.

Today we did take some nice long hikes.  One hike we took was all the way past the water falls on the river.  We did much rock climbing on the river.  It is very dangerous, but we prayed and tried to be very careful.  We had not injuries there.


On the way there, Doug was leading.  He came to an abrupt halt with a very strange sound. He stood there still for a while and I finally asked him "what?"

He said a huge monitor lizard ran across the path.  It startled him nicely.

On the way back, I asked if I could lead (with guidance from Doug.)  I ran into a very vicious thorn bush which took its toll on my in three places.  That is the only injuries to report.  As I was leading this time, I saw the monitor lizard on the way back.  I tried to point it out to Joshua but it was in a huge hurry to get away from us.  We assume it was the same one that Doug had seen earlier. 

We had been told they were in this area, but had not seen on in two weeks.  We were glad to see that one today.

The pictures I take of the river just don't due it justice.  The rocks are huge and the water is swift.  It was a very lovely place to be.  It was just the three of us there, and the sounds of the rushing water.


We are currently sitting in one of the open air grass roofed teaching bandas. 

Tomorrow we start week three of lessons.  Thank you everyone for your prayers.  Oh, on another note, I only had ONE tick this time instead of 70 plus.  That is a great improvement.  <<...>>

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