Monday, February 27, 2012

Paperwork and confusion

Yesterday we received an email stating that it would cost us $100-$200 more to have our bill of lading name changed.  I am very confused on this issue.  Has it been issued and if so in what name?  Why are they asking us what name it should be under if they already have a name?  I have sent another email with more questions, and received another confusing email.  Hmm....
In the mean time we have come to Iringa to get our TIN so we can get the container after it arrives.  I believe that stands for Tax Identification Number (not very Swahili, eh?)  We went to the correct office, and then Doug had to go to another place to get photo copies of our Passports.  Then he came back with that.  We were directed to an office where they gave us forms to fill out.  We did that, and they sent us to another office in the same building.  We got there and he said to come back tomorrow, his computer system was down.  So, Doug will try to come tomorrow and see if that is working.  Doug will get a doladola tomorrow.  Hopefully he can get both of them without me.  We will find out, eh?
My health is stable today.  I would say I am somewhere between 95%-97%.  I am thrilled with this number, and might not remember how to act when I am back to 100%!  I am willing to figure it out!
Thank you to everyone that is praying regarding my health and the container.  We continue to need prayer regarding learning the language also.  We are trying to learn  A LOT in a short time! 

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