Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prayer request for Tamara

This is Doug. I am updating the blog because Tamara is not feeling well.
She is running a fever, has upset stomach, a severe headache and aches all
over. She was well enough to attend class this morning. The teacher and I
have advised strict bed rest. She is now complying with those orders. I
would really appreciate prayers for her. There are others here studying who
also are not well also. We think it is just "going around".

The hippo has been sighted in the river this morning. Only two people were
able to see it. After the sighting, other workers said they saw it by our
banda last week.

We stayed out after supper to search for bush babies. We had just sat down
for a few minutes before they started coming through the trees. We were
able to several and one within 10-15 feet. There are plans for a larger
group tonight.


  1. Hey, sending a prayer your way. Hope she gets better so she can see the hippo too.