Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Monday Douglas and I (Tamara) had 15 pages of homework. After lunch we went
straight to work on it. It took between 3-4 hours to get it done.
Tuesday, we had 13 more pages of homework. We started right after lunch
again and it took until bedtime for one of us and the other was still
working on it at breakfast time.
Wednesday we had only 4 pages and we did one in class. YEAH!
We appreciate everyone's prayers. There is some sickness going around the
campers here. We have shared some charcoal with some of them. We hope to
stay well. Many have missed classes because of illness. We certainly don't
want that. We want to make the best of our time here.

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  1. Keep it up Tamara (and family) We're cheering for you and praying for you. Jason