Sunday, February 19, 2012

Under-the-weather, surprise visit and zip-line.

Tamara reporting, here.
I am still not "well." 
God has answered my prayers and helped me to attend class each day, even with fever, headache and bowel issues.  Thursday my headaches were severe despite various means of trying to get it to settle down.  I did make it through class and after lunch went straight to bed.  Doug buried me in the comforter and the five blankets in our room.  After about two hours of sleeping on and off under my mound of blankets I was getting a bit concerned that I was not heating-up.  Doug had returned from his hike up the hill to send and receive email.  He took Joshua out to try to let me get more rest.  I didn't go back to sleep.  I felt impressed to start singing praises to the Lord and thanking Him for my current condition.  I know that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  I just asked Him to help me to glorify Him during my illness and that I would learn anything that I needed to learn through it.  I am learning that being thankful is a choice, not a feeling.  God is SO GOOD. 
Joshua crossing a crevice
I started singing very, very quietly different praise scripture songs.  I was surprised how quickly each one came to my mind, especially in the current condition I was.  I soon realized that my voice was a bit stronger as I continued to sing.  I don't know how long I sang, or how many songs.  I even sang the two songs that Daddy would request me to sing to him when he was in the hospital and in ICU.  I cried during those.  I am about to cry just typing about that.  That may forever be a very emotional issue with me.  Anyhow, I was soon pulling off a few blankets and then I even went down to one layer of clothes instead of the two layers I had been wearing all day. 
My fever finally "broke."  I was even more thankful.  Truly a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, just like the Bible says.
I was feeling better for a few hours and then started having more fever and continued headache and bowel issues.  The activated charcoal helped to keep my bowels from being too bad.
Friday my head was better.  I was still having fever, but went down to one set of clothes half way through classes.  Bowels were about the same.  After class, I felt worse again, then a bit better.
Friday night I my fever broke and I woke up all wet with sweat, then I had to try to get warmed up again.  I didn't sleep very well.
Saturday my bowels were the most painful that they had been, but my headache was much better.  I was having some fever again also.
It has been such a roller-coaster of ups and downs with whatever it is that I have. 
Late in the morning we had a surprise visit from the Fournier family (Kibidula's director and family.)  The caught us bundled up in our beds listening to the Bible.  We were quite a site, I am sure.  God blessed again, and I was blessed with good enough health to visit, and enjoy our day with them.  Not too long after they left I started feeling very bad again.  God is so wonderful to give us what we need just when we need it. 
I think my fever was down a lot last night.  I only had one blanket and not night sweats.  I took a lot of charcoal during the day yesterday and so far today things have been "manageable."  They are MUCH better bowel wise than yesterday morning and evening.  My head is 95% good, also.
Zip-line over the river (Joshua already on the other shore)
So I am not "well."  I am back in bed under the comforter typing this, but SO MUCH BETTER THAN THURSDAY and some other times since.  I appreciate the multitude of prayers for us in all areas.
We had the blessing of meeting the owners of the neighboring campsite who are friends of the Fournier family.  To get to their house, we had to take the zip-line across.  It is the type that you sit in a swing seat and zip across the river.   
That was a new experience for Joshua and me.  I am so thankful that God kept me well enough to be with friends.  It was a very blessed day.  The owners of the other campsite have some beautiful horses and even some rock hyrax.  

Rock Hyrax
We enjoyed seeing the hyrax and the children enjoyed being introduced to the horses.
The children enjoying the horses
It was nice to spend some time reviewing blessings from our Lord with good friends. 
Today, I am supposed to "take it easy."  We will see how well that goes. :)
Our friend Kirstein loaned us his phone to use as a modem so we don't have to walk up to the top of the road to send and receive emails.  Doug was able to use it and I will try soon.  It certainly is a LOT faster than what we have been doing.  That is another great blessing!  God is so good to us.  I am certain that I am not up to that hike today. 

Thank you to everyone for their prayers and support.

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