Sunday, February 26, 2012

Improved Health - Heavy Studies

I am feeling much better.  Yesterday and today are the first two days when I think I am actually "well."  I hope I stay this way!  Thank you to everyone that has been praying.
This week we have been adding to our language knowledge and reviewing a lot. 
Kujua Kiswahili ni kitu kimoja, lakini kusema, kusikia na kuelewa Kiswahili ni kitu kingine!
To know Swahili is one thing, but to speak, to listen and to  UNDERSTAND Swahili is ANOTHER thing!
Today we plan to practice, review and rewrite many notes.  There has been a lot of learning.  We want to make sure we are retaining and can apply what we have learned.  I find that writing Swahili is the easiest for me.  Reading, speaking and understanding while others are speaking is more challenging.  I am trying to have conversations with the workers here.  We have to step out of our comfort zones and be willing to make many mistakes in what we say.  I have said some pretty silly things! 
We have two more weeks of classes.  We hope to make the very best of them.  There are currently about 21 students here.  7 will be leaving in two days and there are more coming today or this week.  We are constantly meeting new people, which we enjoy very much.  We have had some very nice conversations and discussions. 
It rained all night here last night.  The termites (kumbikumbi) diligently worked to get indoors away from the rain.  We had a few of the big winged bugs in our banda this morning.  It looks like the rain has finally stopped.  Maybe we will see some sunshine today, yet! Some of the students are rather sure they heard the hippo this week, also!
This week some of the people passing through camp include people from the following countries:  Australia, Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.  In addition to that some of the new students this week have been from the US and Switzerland. 
No real news on the container at this point.  I appreciate the continued prayers for this situation.  It should arrive in the next couple of weeks, Lord willing.

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